Prezados integrantes da Cosmopolitan, boa noite. Escrevo para informar que a minha mudança de Brasília para Teresópolis finalmente foi concluída, sem qualquer problema. Gostaria de aproveitar o ensejo para agradecer e cumprimentar a todos que participaram, direta ou indiretamente, pelo profissionalismo eficiência, responsabilidade, atenção e cordialidade, demostrados em todas as oportunidades em que tivemos contato, seja ha administração da minha mudança ou na execução propriamente dita. Solicito, se possível, que o presente agradecimento chegue, também às equipes que trabalharam na retirada e na entrega dos meus pertences. Muito obrigado!

Fernando Marques Pinto

Agradeço pela qualidade do serviço prestado. A equipe que trabalhou na minha casa foi altamente profissional, a embalagem foi muito bem feita e tudo correu de acordo com o cronograma. Eu tinha uma expectativa muito boa com relação à Cosmopolitan, por saber que se tratava de uma das gigantes do ramo de fato, desde o primeiro contato até o descarregamento da minha mudança, ontem no depósito, vocês confirmaram a boa reputação da empresa. Um grande abraço e um Feliz 2017.

Carlos Eduardo Mercês

The culture secretariat of GDF (government of Federal district) entrusted to Cosmopolitan the packing and transportation to storage, the historical collection formed by the furniture set, photographs of the construction, as well as personal effects of the ex-president Juscelino Kubistchek, that composed the president’s first official residence, called Catetinho.

That operation was needed due to the restoration services of that museum.
Was entrusted to Cosmopolitan by the GDF secretariat of culture.

It was entrusted to Cosmopolitan by the GDF Culture Secretariat

Cosmopolitan signs contract with Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the transportation of baggage and vehicles of its employee from Brazil to Europe and vice versa, including all service of packing, fitting into container, customs clearance, sea transportation, insurance and final delivery at residence.

Ministry of Foreign Affais

By means of this message, I thank Cosmopolitan./strong>

Dear Wagner,

By means of this message, I thank Cosmopolitan and specially to you, for the extremely attentive and professional way in which I was awarded from the initial survey up to today, by occasion of the delivery of my moving on its final destination.

During all this period, even in my advance absence of the country and under the worries resulting from the distance of family and the stress of letting part of our life in strange hands, I had all my requirements attended in short time, even in outside office hours.

It’s heartwarming to confirm that, even facing so many news of disrespect to consumer, still exists companies and professional people that respect its client in such a way.

Beforehand I ask you to wait my contact to try once again to perform the service of my moving when I return to Brazil, probably early in second half of this year.

Lastly, I wish with all my heart that all that respect and consideration you established during the service performance I hired, are used to allow you to obtain all desired success, as professionally as against your family.
Once again, thank you very much for everything.

Othonmaio Durando

My moving to Europe

Last year Cosmopolitan take care of my moving to Europe. All was organized with much professionalism e competence, with customized attention to find solution for specific demands done;

The packing was done carefully and so we had no broken item. The International manager was personally responsible for the coordination of the operation and closely oversaw everything. With kindness she always kept us posted about the different steps. I recommend Cosmopolitan with no hesitation.

Marie-Pierre Poirier

I recommend Cosmopolitan! Great cost-benefit! Excellent service!

It’s published in “Reclame Aqui” a complaint that interest this company.

First of all I highlight that I got nothing with this comment. This is an exclusive initiative. Many may think: Why eulogize a company that I hired? By the simple fact that we must not only criticize but also write up. There are good companies that deserve a laud. After all, to perform an interstate moving is hard-working and care is needed.

Before hiring Cosmopolitan I asked quotation for more than five companies through internet. Then I visited three of them. In two I checked the local attendance was not good. In one of them I found the warehouse was precarious.
It seemed to me that there wasn’t care with the storage logistic for each type of object. Inclusive, the sites of the other two companies were perfect.

To visit Cosmopolitan, I observed a good attendance and clean warehouse place, organized and professionalized. (5S). Even after the visit to the company and with the online quotation I required a survey in my residence to confirm the proposal. Once again Cosmopolitan came up an excellent level of attendance, higher than the others. Meanwhile, Mrs Ana Carolina presented high attention and promptitude.

On the Day of furniture disassembly, packing, organization of moving e cargo everything happened as planned, as well as the arrival date of the moving in the final destination (Brasília-Recife). Remembering that Mrs Michele, logistics department, also showed high attention and promptitude.

In the arrival of the furniture I checked together with the nice team that everything was as to the origin. The packaging (white cartoons, paper, etc) kept the object and furniture the same aspect, cleanliness and integrity of when they dispatched.

I emphasize that this company even so presented the quotation lower than the others. Wherefore, besides the great service provided, presented the lowest rate!

I recommend hiring Cosmopolitan to perform your moving!

Paulo Kennedy S. de Jesus

It’s published in “Reclame Aqui” a complaint that interest this company

This is the first time I eulogize through the canal “reclame aqui”, as usually is complaint and much unpleasantness with the companies, as the services in general are always precarious.

When I thought of hiring a company to do the moving from São Paulo to Brasilia I wondered the unpleasantness that would be, as I know several cases of friends and relatives that hired other companies and lost items, got broken or disappeared.

I hired Cosmopolitan taking into account that two friends moved with them and did not have any problems, and now I know that this is due to the quality of their services, all well organized, planned and very well packed, and fastly as their team is well trained for moving.

I’m writing this eulogy to be fair with the employee of Cosmopolitan, as they were competent and friendly, (My moving code was 24815) and also would like to recommend to other customers, the same way I got from my friends.

I know that each case is different, each moving is unique but including my moving it’s already three cases of long distance moving (São Paulo to Federal District) with no complaint against Cosmopolitan, and maybe there are move, take heart!

Victor Hugo R. Vieira

Cosmopolitan participate of the humanitarian aid the brazilian government to Haiti, that through World Health Organization, signed a contract to transport 326 ton. of medicines which were kept into special containers under controlled temperature.

Cosmopolitan participates of the humanitarian aid of Brazilian government to Haiti.

Cosmopolitan participa da ajuda humanitária do governo brasileiro para o Haiti